Introducing The Musical Comedians!  Three exceptional musical 
comedians: Michael Mack, Ron Feingold, and Kier showcase an evening of 
music and hilarious stand-up comedy.

In addition to his guitar playing skills and parodies, Michael Mack is 
known for having one of the best closing bits in the business call 
"Faces of Rock".  He utilizes music, light, and characters that defy 
words of description.

Ron Feingold showcases the "Only One Man Comedy A Cappella Show in the 
World". What makes his show special is that ROn sings ALL of his own 
back-up and lead vocals performing parodies and impressions from 
Kermit the Frog to Joe Cocker.

Journeyman guitarist and comedian Kier performs Rock Impressions that 
are simply dead-on with appearances by John Lennon, Sting, Bruce 
Springsteen, Dave Matthews, Willie Nelson, and U 2!

The finale combines the talents and harmony of these original 
performers as they come together onstage in their incredibly popular 
"Guilty Pleasures Medley".  Never before have three musical comedians 
joined forces to create such a unique show!.